Taurus G3/G3C (9mm) Parts Kit


Complete parts kit for the Taurus G3/G3C

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Husky Armory’s Taurus G3 and G3C parts kit includes everything you need to build a 3D printed Wooly Bully or Fanny Blaster Taurus chambered in 9mm.

Product Specs

Make: Taurus

Model: G3 / G3C

Caliber: 9MM

Barrel: 4″

3D File: Details

Also Includes Wooly Bully Taurus G3 / G3C Hardware

  • Slide
  • Barrel
  • Recoil Spring
  • Trigger
  • Grips
  • Complete Lower Parts Kit

More Information – Wooly Bully / Fanny Blaster Parts Kit (Taurus G3/G3C)

Introducing the Husky Armory Wooly Bully & Fanny Blaster 3D printed Taurus G3/G3C parts kit, the perfect upgrade for 3D printed carry gun! This kit has been specially designed to enhance the performance of your firearm and match perfectly with available Taurus 3D print projects.

If you would like to 3D print a Taurus G3 pistol at home this is the kit for you. It includes everything you need to finish the build.

The kit also includes a stainless steel guide rod that reduces recoil, as well as a custom-machined slide that enhances the overall look and feel of your firearm. The Taurus G3/G3C Kit is easy to install on your 3D printed Taurus G3 9mm frame, so you can get started on your build right away.

Upgrade your Taurus G3 9mm pistol with the Husky Armory Ghost Gun Parts Kit and experience improved accuracy, smoother trigger pulls, and reduced recoil.

Order yours today and take your 3D printed freedom to the next level!

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G3, G3C

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