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80% Glock Frame Lowers Details

Explore the world of custom firearm building with Husky Armory’s selection of 80% Glock pistol frames, the foundation for personalizing your sidearm to your exact specifications.

Our collection 80% pistol frames offer enthusiasts the opportunity to engage in the DIY spirit, crafting a handgun that is truly their own.

With no FFL required, these 80% frames are shipped straight to your door, ready for the final steps of machining and assembly.

At Husky Armory, we understand the pride that comes with building your own firearm.

Our 80% Glock pistol frames, especially the Geisler Defence G19x, offer the perfect canvas for gun enthusiasts looking to leave their mark on their personal arsenal.

Whether you’re a seasoned builder or new to the hobby, our frames provide the quality and versatility you need to create a reliable, custom sidearm.

Geisler Defence G19x Frames

Among our premium offerings is the Geisler Defence G19x 80% Frame, a standout in the market for its exceptional blend of quality and customization.

This frame is compatible with Glock 19 Gen 1-3 components, giving you access to a wide array of parts for your build. The Geisler Defence G19x boasts a full-size grip with a compact slide rail length, perfectly balancing comfort and concealability.

The frame features a textured surface, ensuring a secure hold and enhancing your grip even in the most adverse conditions.

The high-quality polymer construction in Israel is known for durability and reliability. Each frame kit comes with a jig, drill bits, and pins, making fabricating your handgun easier and more precise.

Now it’s time to unleash your gun-building skills and hit the gun range. What 80% pistol do you choose to protect yourself? Get one shipped to you today!

Polymer 80 Glock Frame

The Polymer 80 (also known as the Poly80 or P80) was, for many years, the gold standard of the 80% pistol world.

Unfortunately, due to being the largest target in the ghost gun industry, legal troubles have halted P80’s production.

While we hope the Supreme Court will rule in favor of Las Vegas-based Polymer 80, for now, the Geisler Defence G19x is the only available option.

Glock 19 80% Lower

The Glock 19 is the most popular handgun in the world. Famous in pop culture, hip hop, and police forces, it only makes sense that an 80% G19 would be popular.

The Poly80 Compact was king of the Glock 19 style 80% frames until recently. Other 80% frames followed the 19 or compact model, including SCT, Lone Wolf Arms, and 80% Arms.

Glock 17 80% Lower

Another P80 staple was the PF940v2 or Full Size model.

There is also not an available G17 80%, but that has not deterred 3D printers from creating frames of popular models, such as the DD17.2 by FMDA.

Glock 43 80% Lower

The G43 is a single stack Glock variant that fits right in your pocket.

Polymer 80’s PF9SS or Single Stack model filled the Glock 43 80% market demand.

Again, this has been discontinued, but there is a wide range of 3D printed options, from the DD43.2 to the updated Strike 80 or G43x by developer Neutron Nick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 80% pistol lowers kits still legal?

The legality of 80% pistol frame kits may vary depending on state and local laws. We are currently not able to ship 80% frames to the following locations: California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Colorado, and Massachusetts.

Are Geisler Defence G19x frames made by Glock?

Geisler Defence frames are not real Glocks but rather a brand that produces 80% lower receivers and frames that can be used to build similar firearms. The polymer 80 and Geisler Defence utilize both aftermarket and OEM Glock parts.

Are 80 lowers banned?

The legality of 80 lowers may vary depending on state and local laws. However, they are not banned, and several 80% laws have recently been overturned by the Supreme Court.

Who makes Glock 80% frames?

Polymer80, Geisler Defence, and several other companies produce 80% of the frames that can be used to build firearms that resemble Glocks.

Will a Glock mag fit a Geiseler G19x?

Glock magazines will fit the Geisler. The most recent version of the Geisler Defence is compatible with the Glock 17 (G17) magazine. Both aftermarket and OEM mags will work.

What lower parts kit fits in my Geisler 19x?

The lower parts kit that fits in a Geisler frame may vary depending on the specific frame model. However, if a specific Glock slide is compatible with your Polymer 80 the same model of lower parts kit will work in your 80%.

Can Glock lower pistol frames be shipped directly, or do they need to go to an FFL?

80% lowers, like the Geisler Defence, can be shipped directly to your home without an FFL, as they are not firearms.

Check out our aftermarket and OEM Glock lower parts kits (the products will let you know what is compatible with your P80).