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Husky Rewards

Are you a part of the Husky Fam?

Our Husky Armory rewards program gives back more than any other loyalty program in the industry.

Key Points

  • $1 = 1 Point
  • Redeem for Cash, Products, and Merch
  • Never Expire

Husky Rewards Video Walkthrough

How to See My Points & Rewards

1. Sign Up or log in to your Husky Armory account: My Account

husky rewards 1

2. Navigate to Points & Rewards via the link or directly: Points & Rewards

husky rewards 2

3. You will now see your available points, rewards, history, and ways to earn more points.

Husky Rewards

We offer a selection of rewards, including points to cash, free products, and Husky Armory merchandise.

You can see the available rewards within your account dashboard:

husky rewards 11

When you click coupons, you can see the redeemed Husky Cash coupon codes or other rewards you have redeemed:

husky rewards 22

On the main rewards page, you can see a history of points earned along with all previous reductions:

husky rewards 33

This page also includes a variety of ways to earn points in addition to purchases.

We award points for purchases, your birthday, following Husky Armory on social media, and spreading our brand around the internet:

husky rewards 44

The last section of the points & rewards page allows you to adjust your notification settings:

husky rewards 55 1

Other Ways to Redeem Husky Rewards

You can also see your current point balance and choose rewards right from the Husky Armory Checkout:

husky rewards checkout rewards

This will pull up the Points & Rewards page, allowing you to use Husky Cash or add free products to your order based on your current rewards balance:

husky rewards last

Do you have any questions related to the Husky Rewards program?

We are here and happy to help. Please reach out here.

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