The Don Gun Mat


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Folks, we’re gonna make gun cleaning great again, and it’s gonna be yuge! Introducing “The Don Gun Mat” from Husky Armory – the most luxurious, most tremendous firearms cleaning mat in the history of maybe ever.

The Don Gun Cleaning Mat Specs

  • Size: 24″ x 14″ | 61cm x 36cm
  • Thickness: 1/16 an inch / 2 mm
  • Material: Smooth, oil and slip-resistant top & stable rubber bottom
  • Care: Safe to iron and machine washable
  • No folds or creases!

The Don Gun Cleaning Mat Details

This beautiful mat features a stylish design inspired by our 45th President, complete with his iconic blonde coif, signature red power tie, and a facial expression that says “I know more about guns than the generals, believe me.” The high-quality printing is done right here in the USA, because when Husky Armory prints a gun mat, they print it in America. It’s America First, folks!

But we’re not just talking about looks here. The Don Gun Mat is crafted from the finest materials, the kind of materials you’d find in a tremendously classy Mar-a-Lago suite. It’s got a non-slip backing that’s almost as stable as a midnight Twitter rant, and it’s sized at a commanding 24″ x 14″ – because everything Trump-related has gotta be larger than life.

Whether you’re cleaning your favorite .45 (no collusion with the 9mms), or just want to trigger some libs at the range, The Don Gun Mat is the perfect accessory. It’s gonna be so amazing, you’ll get tired of how much you love it. Believe me.

So go ahead and add The Don to your gun cleaning arsenal today. It’s time to make your workbench great again!

Disclaimer: Using this mat will not actually make you President, but it might make your guns feel yuge. Husky Armory is not responsible for any red hats that mysteriously appear on your head after purchase.

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24" x 14"

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