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10/10 quality frame

Good job

Good company 2a all the way

Shipping and product

Fast shipping and great product

Solid Work.

All in all the service reviewed from Husky was a pretty seamless experience. Although I did have a secondary small issue with another order unrelated to this one. Overall the shipping and delivery of the product was well within expectations. The product itself does come with the jig as pictured and the frame is quite solid. The attention to the quality of course is important and I am pleased to say it had surpassed my previous experiences with other retailers at times. Some clarity could be welcomed, such as additional resources or variety that helps to accompany the builders designs. However they are merely suggestions and do not overall negatively impact the experience without them.

- Thank you Husky Armory and I look forward to future business with you and have a good one!


Good communication nice frame and confort grip fast shipping


Exactly like OEM Specs worked reliable on my builds

Very good

Reliable replaced my old trigger housing well

G19 lpk

Haven't received it yett but im sure it be all good like most other 🤞

Haven't received package yet where is it

First one, no problem!

I have built several 80% AR-15s. My first try at a handgun, watched a few videos and it works perfect. Going to try it out at the range tomorrow but so far passes all function check and I love it.

G19 lower parts kit

Came in the mail yesterday and after a couple small speed bumps I got my G19x put together and ready to rock.. The products are great quality, and the service from Husky Armory is top notch!

Geisler G19x 80% Frame Black (Gen 2)

Super pleased with my G19x

I got my Iditarod completion kit in the mail yesterday, and immediately set to putting it all together. This was my first attempt at building a gun myself, so there were a few hiccups along the way, putting in certain parts and then having to remove them again when I realized a different one actually had to go in first. But in the end it ended up all going together beautifully! A buddy came by and watched most of the build, and liked what he saw so much that he is planning to buy one from Husky Armory himself, soon as he gets paid! Keep up the great work fellas!

Amazing service and fast delivery!

Very reliable i highly recommend will post pictures when milled out💪

Geisler G19x 80%

Excellent came faster than expected and very good material will definitely buy again


Pretty good frame. I appreciate the housing that it comes in with the drill bits and the holes marked for the correct drill bit. It made the process a whole lot easier. I would ask that they include instructions though

Very fast shipping!

Great product and fast shipping @

Great Kit!

Overall a great kit! Just bear in mind that this contains the long metal leverage device compatible with Gen3 Frames, instead of a spring for the takedown lever in Gen 5's. So, the original for the DD.19 willl work great.

Love The Design, But Have A Question.....

I built the 1917. It is very easy to do compared to the Poly80. he jig is much better constructed with coned drill holes to make centering the drills much easier. The grip feels fantastic. Honestly, the best "Glock" feel I've felt on any Glock or clone. It shoots great. My only concern is the rather noticeable slide/frame gap. I'm guessing the slide sits a bit more proud to accommodate the magazine/grip angle? I will probably order again. See photos below. The other frame shows the height difference of the 1917 rail.

Works As Advertised!

Easy installation. Everything installed as designed within specs. No issues. Highly satisfied with purchase.


I like the frame a lot better in person vs online. The jig is 100% better than polymer80. Iam not sure about it been polymer80 killer but its a close second. I wish there more options like 17 26 or just a 19 but it is what it is. Not sure about the grip angle just yet have to wait and see after I shoot it. A lot of pros and few cons but still a really really nice build.
Would I order more iam not sure just yet have to see how this one runs. I put it through all my test and it pass. But the test is live fire so we have to wait and see. I have parts for another g19 or g17/34. Just not sure if I want another g19x/g45 but I will decide once I get a chance to shoot this. So far so good this bad boy is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥just wish there was more options besides colors are cool but not my thing really.
My dream is to be able to build a g29/g30.
But this was a money well spent 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥something different.


It’s a good frame in came in 3 days


In your hands by 3days looks great with after market slides frame moves OEM price is a little more than usual well worth tho!

Fast shipping, great price!

No issues. Not bad prices in todays market. Great customer service.

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