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geisler defence vs polymer 80 frames

10 Reasons to Choose Geisler Defence Over Polymer 80

Everybody and their brother has built a Polymer 80 at this point. Per a P80 sales rep, “Polymer 80 has halted all 80% production due to ongoing legal battles”.

So, how do we get our hands on and scratch that 80% pistol itch?

The Geisler Defence 19x is the new 80% frame on the block, and they are giving P80 a run for their money.

I had my own hesitations before building my first Geisler 19x, but after building over 10 Glock 80%s from this brand, I have found the good, the bad, and the solvable.

We rolled up the shop door, put the Polymer 80 and Geisler Defence head to head, and discovered if the hype was real.

#1 Availability

Polymer 80s are challenging to get ahold of these days. Per the Polymer 80 website, “We are experiencing delays in shipping. Thank you for your patience!”.

polymer 80 availability

This translates to them halting all production due to the ongoing legal cases. P80 is selling off the last of its 76% inventory to raise cash for current and future litigation.

On the other hand, Geisler Defense is full steam ahead and widely available across the internet.

Geisler has a Las Vegas shipping hub allows them to distribute the 80% frames quickly to US pistol builders.

#2 80% Jig

Polymer 80’s Jigs have yet to be a point of innovation.

You may be familiar with their standard red jig and YOLO drilling process. To finish the frame to spec, you need a steady hand, patience(a lot), and a bit of luck.

p80 jigs

On the other hand, Geisler rethought the 80% jig entirely. The jig is clear for better visibility, includes raised drill holes for a straighter pin alignment, and screws together to remove any slop.

If this were a jig vs. jig comparison, Geisler Defence would mop the floor with P80’s archaic product.

#3 Split Rear Rail System

There are two schools of thought when it comes to both 3D printed and 80% Glock builds. Split and solid (one-piece) rear rail systems.

Polymer 80 has the tried and true solid rear rails, but this actually comes with a handful of downsides.

The solid system is prone to bending, causing slight alignment issues that prevent the slide from functioning correctly.

The split rear rails are the only way to go. The Geisler 19x has pockets for each rail to slide into; this holds them firmly in place. Overall, the ease of getting that great lineup leads to a firearm that runs better and has significantly fewer issues going into the battery.

#4 Something New

Polymer 80 opened shop in 2013 when founder Loran Kelley put the first 80% frames into production.

Since then, P80 has faced minimal competition or advancements in the space.

spicy 80 percent pistol

Geisler Defence put a fresh set of eyes on the 80% pistol. Innovating and making small changes across the board led to something new and exciting.

If you are like me and have built a s*** ton of Polymer 80s, the Geisler 19x may be what you need to spice up your ghost gun collection.

If you landed here, you probably have or are familiar with P80’s offerings. Why not, as Apple’s slogan goes, “Think Different”.

#5 Pricing

The pricing is, for the most part, comparable when it comes to the P80 vs Geisler debate.

We have seen in recent months the Polymer 80 frame and jig being split into two separate products (mainly to avoid bad media optics).

As Geisler has been residing in the shadow of P80, they have been able to sell the entire kit for around $100 to $125. This brings a Gesiler delivered to your door for $50 to $25 less than a Polymer 80 setup.

#6 Improved Grip (& Accuracy)

Polymer 80 has Geisler beat in one category, which is variety.

P80, having been around for some time in the market, offers its frame in many configurations, including Single Stack, Sub Compact, Compact, Full Size, and Large.

geisler defence frame

Geisler offers the 19x, which is the best of both worlds. The 19x features a G17 length grip for better control and accuracy and a G19 slide for better day-to-day concealment.

If you have the option of not sacrificing accuracy for concealability, why not take it?

#7 Offshore Production

Geisler Defence has a more fortified position (legally) in the 80% market. Their manufacturing and headquarters are located in Israel.

This makes Geisler much more complex to litigate in a US courtroom. While the irony of a non-US company helping maintain our Second Amendment is not lost on me, you must give them credit.

Polymer 80 is located in Nevada and is under heavy political and legal pressure. This has put a halt on not only production but the very future of the company as a whole.

#8 Faster Build Time

The improved Jig design of the Geisler Defence G19x makes building one straightforward.

76 percent p80 bad

Polymer 80 is currently only producing 76% frames. These frames are a severe pain in the a** to complete.

The trigger pocket has a lot of plastic that must be removed without a clear path. Using a Dremel or soldering iron in these tight spaces quickly leads to damage.

#9 Improved Tooling

Drilling the P80 has always been a hold-your-breath moment, at least for me.

You have finally finished removing the tabs and clearing out the barrel liner tab, and now you are at the final step.

giesler 19x jig

If you are off by millimeters, you can have function, fitment, and installation issues.

The Geisler Defence 80%s uses a combination of both the locking, screw secured jigs with raised drill holes. These raised drilling spots force you to drill straight.

I know my ability to “freehand” these types of projects is…to say the least…limited.

The Geisler helps us handicapped handymen finish a pistol build that will run regardless of our gunsmithing abilities.

#10 Husky Armory’s $25 Discount Code

If you are ready to try the Geisler 80%, here is a little push over the finish line.

We had a discount code created for our blog reader to get 50% off any of Husky Armory’s Geisler Defence 19x frames in black, gray, or FDE.


As always, if you have any trouble during the build process, shoot us a message at

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