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Polymer 80 Frame Details

The best Polymer 80 frames including the Polymer 80 PF940v2 (Full Size), PF940C (Compact), PF9SS (Single Stack), PF45 (Large Frame), or PF940SC(Sub Compact).

We have brand new P80 frames for sale and in stock. Build your own firearm with the Polymer 80 Pistol Frame today!

You don’t need to be a gunsmith to tailor-make your pistol. With Polymer80 accessories and tools, you can have a ready-to-shoot gun within hours.

Note: Ships to your door, no FFL required.

And the best part about P80 frames? You can get virtually any accessory to customize using widely available Glock 17/19/26/21/20 components.

A bit of history: Polymer80 got its name from providing 80% of pistol frame kits you need to build a custom gun. The kits are compatible with almost all Glock pistols, one of the leading behemoths in the gun industry.

So how can you build your own Polymer 80 Pistol? Here is a comprehensive list of the accessories that will make your dream come true:

P80 Frames / Blanks

Polymer80 provides five differently sized frames: Sub-compact 26, compact 19, single-stack 43, full-size 17, and large-frame 21/20.

These sizes determine your P80 pistol lower frame’s name and model.

You can also cherry-pick from various Polymer 80 colors: Black, Grey, FDE, Coyote, OD Green, Cobalt, and More

The frames have prolonged beavertail and thumb ledge. That way, you won’t feel much recoil and slide-bite.

Are your fingers large, or do you need to wear gloves to keep the cold at bay? These features give your fingers enough room to take a clear shot.

You’ll love these amazing features on the Polymer 80 frame:

Enhanced ergonomics
Stainless steel Rear Rail Module (RRM)
Stainless steel Locking Block Rail System (LBRS)
Heat-treated pins for RRM and LBRS
Compatible with Glock 643 magazines and Gen 4 Glock G43 slide assemblies

P80 Compatibility:

  • PF940SC compact frame: G 26
  • PF940C compact frame: G 19/23/43
  • P80 full-size PF940v2 frame: G 17
  • P80 large-size PF45: G20SF/21SF
  • Also compatible with most Glock pistols

So building your most desirable Polymer 80 pistol frame is now as easy as when you first picked up a gun. Just ensure to check your P80 frame kit compatibility.

Now it’s time to unleash your gun-building skills and hit the gun range. What Polymer 80 has won your heart? Choose today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Polymer80 kits still legal?

The legality of Polymer80 kits may vary depending on state and local laws. We are currently not able to ship 80% frames to the following locations: California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Colorado, and Massachusetts.

What are the different Polymer80 frames?

Polymer80 produces a variety of frames, including the PF940C, PF940SC, PF940CL, PF940V2, PF940SCv1, PF940v1.5, PF45,PF9SS, and PF-Series 80% AR15.

Are Polymer80 & Geisler Defence frames good?

The quality of Polymer80 frames may vary depending on personal preference and use case. However, they are generally well-regarded by many gun enthusiasts and have received positive reviews. We have built 100s of 80%s ourselves and they run reliably enough to carry for self defense.

Are Polymer 80s made by Glock?

Polymer 80 are not real Glocks, but rather a brand that produces 80% lower receivers and frames that can be used to build firearms that are similar to Glocks. The polymer 80 and Geisler Defence utilize both aftermarket and OEM Glock parts.

Are 80 lowers banned?

The legality of 80 lowers may vary depending on state and local laws, however, they are not banned and several 80% laws have recently been overturned by the Supreme court.

What model of Glock is my Polymer 80?

Polymer 80 manufactures frames that are compatible with a wide variety of Glock parts. Please read the Polymer 80 compatibility guide to learn more on which parts work together.

Who makes Glock 80% frames?

Polymer80, Geisler Defence and several other companies produce 80% frames that can be used to build firearms that resemble Glocks.

Will a Glock mag fit a P80 frame?

Glock magazines can generally fit in a Polymer 80 frame, but you will need to make sure you buy the correct magazine for the corresponding P80 / Glock model.

What lower parts kit fits in my Polymer 80?

The lower parts kit that fits in a Polymer80 frame may vary depending on the specific frame model. However, if a specific Glock slide is compatible with your Polymer 80 the same model of lower parts kit will work in your P80. Check out our aftermarket and OEM lower parts kits (the products will let you know what is compatible with your P80).