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Glock & 80% Pistol Slide Kits

Looking to build a custom Glock-style handgun? Look no further than our selection of Polymer 80 and Glock 19 Complete Slide Assembly kits!

Our kits include a pre-machined slide, barrel, and all necessary internal components, making it easy to assemble and upgrade your 80% (Geisler Defence G19x) or Glock firearm.

But that’s not all – our slide assembly kits come with various customizable options, including color options, front and rear serrations, RMR cuts, and steel sights. With these options, you can build a custom Glock-style handgun that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

And if you’re looking to complete a Glock-style 80% pistol from the comfort of your own home workshop, we also offer a range of Polymer 80 build kits. These kits include everything you need to build a complete Glock-style pistol, including the frame, slide assembly, and all necessary internal components.

Slide Kits: What’s Included

All of our 80% and OEM Glock slide kits include everything you need to complete and finish your 3D printed, 80% or customized OEM Glock build.

The Husky armory slide kits include:


The slide is the upper portion of the Glock, 3D printed, or 80% pistol that houses the barrel and recoil spring assembly.

It is responsible for cycling the action and ejecting spent casings from the firearm.


The barrel is a cylindrical metal tube that is located inside the slide and is responsible for guiding the bullet out of the firearm. The 80% / DD19.2 / DD17.2 / Glock slide kit includes a barrel designed to fit Glock frames and is compatible with various calibers.

It is made of high-quality materials and is designed to provide reliable accuracy and performance.

Upper Parts Kit

The upper parts kit is a collection of parts that are necessary for the assembly of the slide.

It includes components such as the firing pin, extractor, slide stop, and other small parts that are necessary for the proper functioning of the firearm.


Sights are devices mounted on the slide and used to aim the firearm. They typically consist of a front sight and a rear sight that is aligned with each other to provide a sight picture. They are designed to provide accurate and reliable aiming for the 80% or Glock pistol.

At Husky Armory, we’re committed to providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for your firearm upgrade needs.

Browse our selection of slide assembly kits and make that new 80% or 3D printed Glock “Gucci” today!