geisler gen1 vs gen2

Geisler Defense 19x Frames Gen 1 vs Gen 2

Geisler Defense has recently released their latest 80% frame for their G19x clone, the Gen 2.

Gen 2 includes many new colors and, more importantly, build improvements over the Gen 1 version.

Husky Armory is now exclusively selling the Gen 2!

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Let’s break down the differences and go head-to-head in this Geisler Gen 1 vs Gen 2 showdown. After reading, we hope you are ready to make an informed decision when choosing your next frame.

Gen 1 vs Gen 2 Key Differences

Slide Release Slot

One of the most noticeable changes in the Gen 2 frames is the modification to the thickness and height of the slide release slot.

gen1 vs gen2 slide lock fixed

The front area of the slot is significantly thicker in the Gen 2 version, even when compared to a shimmed Gen 1 frame. This improvement enhances the frame’s durability and functionality.

Back Wall Design

The Gen 2 frames feature a redesigned back wall in the slide release slot area.

geisler gen1 vs gen2 backwall slide

The back wall doesn’t extend as high as in the Gen 1 frames, and a textured lip is at the bottom. In contrast, the Gen 1 frames have a perfectly smooth wall.

Mag Release Spring Slot Depth

The depth of the mag release spring slot has been adjusted in the Gen 2 frames.

gen1 vs gen2 mag spring

The spring now sits higher than the Gen 1 frames, addressing potential issues with the spring coming out when pushed in deeply.

Geisler Gen 2 Colors

The Gen 2 Geisler Defense Frames come in various colors, some similar to popular Polymer80 (P80) frame colors. Here’s a quick comparison:

just build it geisler colors

Black: The Geisler Defense black frame appears slightly darker than the P80 black frame.

FDE: The Geisler Defense desert tan is very close to the P80 FDE (Flat Dark Earth), with the Geisler frame having a slightly creamier tan color.

Gray: The Geisler Defense gray is significantly lighter than the P80 gray, which has a slight blue undertone.

ODG: The Geisler Defense ODG is a dark forest green with an overall flat or matte look

Geisler Gen 1 vs Gen 2 Video Breakdown

The Verdict

The Gen 2 Geisler Defense Frames offer several structural and quality of life improvements over the original Geisler model.

The enhanced slide release slot, redesigned back wall, color-coded packaging, and adjusted mag release spring slot depth all contribute to a better overall user experience.

There’s a Geisler Defense Frame to suit every taste and build style, with a wide range of colors available, including vibrant and subdued options.

If you are hesitant about pulling the trigger on a Geisler Defence frame (no pun intended), the Gen 2 is worth building.

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