geisler defence 19x problems solved

Geisler Defence 19x Problems (Solved)

First and foremost, we want to thank you for not only being our customers(or potential customers) but for truly being a part of the Husky fam!

Currently, our 2nd amendment rights are under an unprecedented assault from the government, political talking heads, bought and paid-for news media, and educational institutions.

We know that the Geisler Defence 19x is not perfect. However, it is the only option still available for purchase. We created this as a response to the many claims that the Geisler has problems that builders are not able to overcome.

We are here to tell you, YES, you can complete a fully functional Geisler 80% build!

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We want to assure you that the Giesler Defence 19x Frame is safe when assembled and used correctly. Our frames undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure they meet the highest safety and reliability (when built with care and attention to detail).

We are pleased to report that the vast majority of our customers have successfully completed the build process from start to finish without any significant issues.

As with all 80% builds and firearms gunsmithing, a person’s level of experience, expertise, and patience plays a big part in the build’s success.


Following our suggested resources and guides… will 100% work.

#1 Guides & Resources for a Successful Build

[Ultimate] Geisler Defence 19x Build Instructions

Credit: Not a Gun Tuber Geisler 80% Full Build Follow Along at Odysee

Geisler 80% Frame Problems – Are They Fixed? Yes.

Credit: Not a Gun Tuber Geisler 80% Frame Overview. Is It Redeemed? at Odysee

Gen. 2 In-Depth Overview & Colors

Credit: Not a Gun Tuber Geisler 80% Gen 2 1917 Frame Overview and Color Comparisons at Odysee

#2 FAQs & Common problems

Is this a Gen. 1 or Gen. 2 Geisler frame?

We are currently only selling the Gen. 2 version of the Geisler 19x. Please note that while the Gen. 1 is not perfect, several employees at Husky Armory have 5k+ rounds through them without issue past the initial break-in period.

What is the difference between the Gen. 1 & Gen. 2?

Both frames work well; however, Gen. 1’s tolerances were slightly larger than Gen. 2’s. Gen. 1 requires more attention to detail and troubleshooting various problems that can occur with any 80% build.

The changes made to the Gen. 2 included the following:

  • The slide spring hole moved slightly forward to increase tension on the slide lock, preventing “play” or movement in the slide.
  • Thicker walls within the slide lock lever stop to tighten the slide into place further.
  • Reduction in the rail-to-frame gap will bring slides closer to the frame upon completion of the build.

Why is my slide moving or loose?

This is often an issue with the slide lock not being fully seated or under enough tension. We found that using a knife or similar tool to slowly bend the slide lock spring upwards increases tension and 100% holds the slide in place.

Why is my slide not going into battery?

If your slide is not going into battery this does not indicate a Geisler issue. 1000s of builders of P80s and other 80% frames have had the same issue.

A common mantra is to keep sanding, clear the guide rod channel further, and observe with a light to see from the side where the slide is getting caught.

We have also had to polish the rails using a dremel (with both Polymer 80 and Geislers). The tolerances for all guns regarding slide fitment are minuscule; you need to keep troubleshooting.

Is it safe to shoot?

100% safe! The reason that you have probably not heard of injuries related to any 80% builds is due to the combustion and “explosion” being confined to the slide and barrel.

These parts are metal and are made to withstand the force exerted upon them. The frame (not correctly built) can cause function issues but never safety-related problems.

Why does my mag release not hold properly?

This is most commonly caused by pushing too hard on the spring, which pushes plastic down within the mag spring slot.

This will result in any spring placed into the slot being too deep and not grabbing the catch. Being gentle when sliding the spring into the slot is key to preventing this.

Still have questions or need help?

I have watched the build guide video, read up on Reddit, checked over the frequently asked questions and I still need help! What can I do?

Due to US laws we are unable to guide anyone step-by-step through converting an 80% into a firearm. We are unable to help with all of the details outside of our guides.

Due to Geisler Defence being located outside of the US and being the direct manufacturer, we strongly recommend reaching out to them via their contact form.

Please let us know if you have suggestions for a helpful blog post or video we could create!

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