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Geisler 19x compatibiliity

It’s no secret that the Glock pistol is one of the most customizable pistols in the world, if not the most.

Not only are there a plethora of spare parts and accessories for the various Glock pistols on the market today, there are also complete (and partially complete) frames that are available for these pistols from aftermarket manufacturers. 

The Geisler Defense 19X is an example of such an aftermarket frame, designed to closely replicate the size of the Glock 19X frame but with improved ergonomics. The 19X, as you probably already know, is essentially the grip of the Glock 17 mated to the barrel and slide of a Glock 19. 

If you’re looking to build your own customized Glock 19X from the ground up, going with a Geisler 19X frame is a good way to go. But to complete your Geisler, you’ll need to purchase additional components for it too. 

In this guide, we’ll dive into the specific components you’ll need for your Geisler 19X frame and examples of compatible options. 

What is an 80% Lower Glock Frame?

geisler g19x frame jig

The Geisler 19X is an example of an 80% lower Glock frame, which refers to an unfinished Glock frame that is designed to be completed by the user, typically through machining or drilling, to create a frame that is functional and can then be combined with a functional slide. 

The term “80%” refers to the level of completion of the frame – when purchased, it is only 80% finished, leaving the remaining 20% to be completed by you. 

The advantage to buying an 80% lower Glock frame is that you can purchase and assemble that part of the gun without needing to go through a Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder and can instead have the frame and components shipped directly to your home. 

To finish your 80% Glock frame, you’ll either need to purchase the parts you need to complete the frame separately or together as a frame completion/lower parts kit. The specific parts you should need to complete your 80% frame are:

  • Trigger Assembly 
  • Trigger Pin
  • Trigger with Trigger Bar
  • Trigger Pin 
  • Trigger Housing and Housing Pin 
  • Slide Slock 
  • Slide Lock Spring 
  • Magazine Catch and Release Spring 
  • Locking Block Pin
  • Slide Stop Lever and Spring 
  • Connector 

Advantages of the Geisler 19X

custom g 19 x geisler

Made in Israel, the Geisler 19X is compatible with most Glock Gen 1-3 parts. The Geisler ships as part of a kit with the uncompleted frame itself, drill bits, rail blocks, trigger pins, and a jig. The jig is see-through to enable a more seamless milling process. 

The frame itself is built out of reinforced polymer and then covered with a surface treatment that is designed to enable extreme hardness. A durable coating is then applied to the outside of the treatment. The rails of the frame are constructed out of stainless steel, and the accessory rail is designed to be 100% STANAG and Picatinny compliant.  

The surface of the Geisler is textured to ensure that the user can keep a secure grip over the firearm even in wet conditions. 

Another standout feature of the Geisler 19X is its ability to incorporate a variety of Glock 17 and 19 Gen 1-3 parts. Speaking of which…

Parts Compatibility with the Geisler 19X 

When you purchase the Geisler 19X frame, you’ll also need to purchase the necessary parts to complete the frame. The frame is compatible with both Glock OEM and aftermarket parts that are designed for the Gen 1-3, including:

G19 80% Compact Lower Parts Kit 

g 19 lower parts kit

Husky Armory’s premium lower parts kit is meticulously crafted to provide everything you need for completing your Polymer 80 Compact frame or Glock 19 lower, including for the Geisler Defense. 

Included in this kit are the following components:

  • Flat Trigger Shoe
  • Curved Trigger Shoe
  • Trigger Safety
  • Trigger Bar P80 Compact
  • G19 Magazine Release
  • Magazine Release Spring
  • Slide Lock Lever
  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger Housing
  • 9mm Ejector
  • Compact Connector
  • Compact Slide Lock Spring
  • Polymer 80 Compact Slide Lock Spring
  • Subcompact Slide Lock Spring (coil spring type)
  • Slide Catch Lever
  • Trigger Pin
  • Compact Locking Block Pin

Geisler 80% 19X Iditarod Slide Kit 

g 19 iditarod slide kit

In addition to completing the frame of your Geisler 19X, you’ll also need to merge it with a complete upper so you can have a functional handgun.

You can easily accomplish this with Husky Armory’s Geisler 80% 19X Iditarod Slide Kit. This kit provides all the necessary components to construct your own dependable and precise G19X-style pistol from the comfort of your home, and is fully compatible with the Geisler Defense 80% 190X frame. 

The kit features a rugged polymer G19 slide equipped with aggressive serrations for effortless racking. It also comes outfitted with a nitride-treated match grade barrel and channel liner, guaranteeing accuracy with each shot.

To enhance the shooting experience, snag-free sights for swift target acquisition are included. These lights are designed to work even in low-light conditions.

With the Geisler ‘Iditarod’ slide kit, you’ll possess all the essential elements for the upper components of your customized Glock-style pistol, excluding the lower receiver. Additionally, all parts surpass OEM standards to ensure perfect fit and function. 

Magpul 17-Round Glock 17 Magazine

g 19 geisler 17 rd mag

Just like the factory Glock 19X, the Geisler Defense is compatible with any Glock 17 magazine. One of the best is the Magpul 17-round magazine, which is a very durable magazine constructed out of advanced polymer materials. 


With each of the above components and kits, you can complete your Geisler Defense 19X frame. The result will be a fully functional clone of the Glock 19X with improved ergonomics and shootability.

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