G21 / P80 45 Upper Parts Kit


Everything you need to complete your P80 45 or G21 Upper. Upgraded parts kit. Fast shipping!

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Husky Armory’s upper parts kits for Polymer 80 45 and Glock 21s are manufactured 100% in the USA giving you the confidence to use your build in an everyday carry scenario.

Whether this is a DIY P80 build or you need Glock upper part replacements on-hand Husky Armory has you covered.

We guarantee all of our P80 45 / G21 upper parts kits or your money back.

Upper Parts Kit Compatability

45 Polymer 80 – PF45 – Glock 21 (G21)

G21 & Polymer 80 45 Upper Parts Kit Includes

Recoil Spring

CNC-Machined and reinforced recoil spring to prevent failure to fire, failure to eject, double-feeds, and stove pipes.

Channel Liner

The channel liner is a strong sleeve that surrounds the firing pin within the slide to keep the firing pin in place and keeps the firing pin from binding or wearing within the slide.


Failure-resistant extractor made of upgraded materials to keep your Polymer 80 45 or Glock 21 duty ready.

Firing Pin

CNC machined to perfection P80 / Glock 21 firing pin eliminates light or off-center primer striking.

Spring Slide Cover Plate

The spring slide enhanced for the G21/P8045 cover plate is a bit like the “castle nut” on the AR15. The spring slide cover plate holds the upper assembly parts in the slide.

Depressor Plunger Spring

The Glock 21 / P80 45 depressor plunger spring includes the Plunger, Spring and Spring Loaded Bearing as pictured.

We have tested these depressor upper plunger springs and have not had an issue in upwards of 10,000 rounds fired.

Firing Pin Spring

Our firing pin springs are upgraded to add more strength to the impact of your firing pin.

These springs pack the extra punch to make sure your primer ignites each time your Polymer 80 or Glock trigger is pulled.

Spacer Sleeve

Having the space and unimpeded clearance to allow your firing pin to do its job is essential when building your own Glock Style Polymer 80.

Our space sleeves give your P80 firing pins the “space” to do their job not only correctly, but with perfection.

Firing Pin Spring Cups

Keeping your firing pin seated correctly and ready to fire is essential for building a reliable P80 handgun.

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