AR-15 H3 Carbine Buffer


Upgrade H3 AR15 Buffer

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ar15 h3 buffer
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Reliability Redefined – The Husky Armory H3 Buffer Tames Recoil for Flawless AR-15 Cycling.

AR-15 H3 Carbine Buffer Includes

  • Steel Construction
  • 3.25″ OAL
  • Standard Carbine Length
  • 5.4 OZ
  • Solid Steel Buffer Weight

More Information – AR-15 H3 Carbine Buffer

Step up your AR-15’s reliability with the 5.6 Ounce H3 Buffer from Husky Armory. This heavy buffer adds extra mass to smooth out the recoil, ensuring flawless cycling even with hard-hitting rounds.

The H3 buffer’s 5.6oz weight is ideal for AR-15 rifles chambered in 7.62×39, 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, 458 SOCOM, and other powerful cartridges. The extra heft soaks up recoil energy and prevents the bolt from moving too quickly during cycling. This results in smooth, reliable shooting without harsh recoil or jams.

With its durable one-piece construction, the H3 buffer withstands abuse and keeps running strong. It is designed as a drop-in upgrade – remove your rifle’s existing buffer and replace it with this H3 model. No gunsmithing or permanent modifications are required.

Husky Armory mil-spec buffers are proudly made in the USA from high-grade materials. Everything about this H3 buffer is built for rugged use, including the heavy-duty chrome silicon buffer spring to feed each round reliably into the chamber.

Upgrade your AR-15 today with the Husky Armory 5.6oz H3 Buffer for enhanced reliability.

This rugged AR15 buffer has the weight to tame powerful cartridge recoil and keep your rifle running right every time you pull the trigger.

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