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Using a superior Polymer 80 or Glock lower parts kit in a custom build makes all the difference when it comes to firearm performance and reliability.

Polymer 80 leads the way in supplying those quality parts and accessories that fit an array of requirements from passionate firearm owners wanting to build their own weapons.

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P80 / Glock Lower Parts Kit

What does the P80 lower parts kit include and what is their function?

Flat & Curved Trigger Shoe

Creates a larger surface area for the shooter’s finger, which provides the feeling of a lighter trigger pull on your Glock or Polymer 80

Trigger Safety

Locks the trigger to prevent unnecessary firing

Trigger Bar

Works simultaneously with the internal components of the firing system, allowing the striker to travel the full length of the firing pin channel which in detonates the primer

Trigger Spring

Returns the trigger to its original position, by pulling the connector to the rear of the gun

Trigger Housing

The unit fits into the framework of the firearm and then provides a mounting point for the entire trigger system

9mm Ejector

Ejects the spent 9mm cartridge from your Polymer 80 or Glock pistol

P80 / Glock Connector

The main purpose is to regulate the resistance of the pull but can also be used to increase or decrease trigger pull weight

Magazine Release

When depressed will release the magazine from the firearm

Magazine Release Spring

Works in conjunction with the magazine release to push or release the magazine

Slide Lock Lever

Disengages the locked slide when the slide is pulled back and alternatively engages the locking of the slide once the firearm has expended all loaded ammunition by working with the follower of the magazine

Full Size Slide Lock Spring

Holds the slide lock in place

Subcompact Slide Lock Spring (coil spring type)

Holds the slide lock in place

Slide Catch Lever

The lever is depressed by the user to return the slide to a closed position

Trigger Pin

Activates the firing mechanism of the firearm when the trigger is pulled

Locking Block Pin

Fits into the locking block and serves as a surface for the spring on the slide release

P80 / Glock LPK Assembly

  1. Fit the connector directly into the trigger housing. The trigger bar then pushes against the connector, holding it in place.
  1. Take the ends of the trigger spring and attach them to both the trigger bar and the housing unit.
  1. Align the trigger bar hole with the hole above the safety trigger pin, then insert the Firing Control Group into the frame (ensuring it is facing the correct way) and secure it with a trigger housing pin.
  1. The locking block will create a convenient pocket to help hold the slide lock lever in place.
  1. Insert the locking block into the firearm frame first and then the slide lock lever by ensuring the spring fits under the upper locking block pin and not over it.
  1. Gently motion the trigger and slide the lock lever until they align, then insert the locking block pin.
  1. Insert the slide lock spring into the firearm frame, followed by the slide catch lever.
  1. Insert the magazine release spring into the designated hole within the firearm frame, located behind the trigger. Then insert the magazine release through the side of the firearm handle, ensuring the small ridge of the release catches the release spring, to ensure a tight fit which will in turn create tension. A narrow strong tool may be required to push the spring into the notch of the magazine release.

Subcompact vs Compact vs Full Size Lower Parts Kit

Not all handguns are created the same and the frames all vary in size. It is important to select the correct lower parts kit that is best suited for the frame size of the firearm.

The only real difference in the Sub-compact, compact, and full size kits is the locking block pin.

Polymer 80 kits generally include all three pins, coil spring for the 26-size frames, and 2 different flat springs for the 17 and 19 sizes with the 17 being the longer pin.

The size will be indicated on the product number, to ensure you select the correct kit. For example, the Polymer 80 940SC (subcompact), 940C (compact) and 940V2 (full-size).